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There is need for more research on dates – Producer

A Madinah-based Dates producer and seller, Adir Manyr, has called for increased research on the health importance of dates to human consumption.

He made the call while speaking with Nigerian journalists, covering the 2019 Hajj in Saudi Arabia at his Dates farm in Madinah on Saturday.

He said the need for more research became imperative in view of misconception of people about dates in some parts of the world.

Medical experts say that Dates serve as a source of antioxidant, adding that all dates, fresh or dried,contain different types of antioxidants that are very good for human health.

According to researchers ,Dates can be good for blood sugar balance,has anti-cancern property and can reduce blood pressure among other benefits.

Manyr expressed concern that in spite the fact that there were 1,400 species of dates.

Manyr,who is the Managing Director, Madinah dates, said the fruit also played crucial position in the family menu,adding that one of the qualities of it was potassium,very vital to human body.

“Dates can sustain a family or nation, people who don’t take dates go malnursh,”he said.
“Quoting Prophet Muhammad,he said “any house without dates, its people are starve.”

At the economic and cultural levels,Manyr noted that the fruit had strengthened cultural relationship between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia,adding that dates had become popular among many families in Nigeria.

He expressed optimism that within the foreseeable future, dates would become another important source of revenue

He gave some of the species of dates to include, meruk,Bernt,hudrt,mebrum,bademi.

Dates is a very popular fruit in the middle east.


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