What is the matter with ‘them’?
Or do they not see what comes forth from ‘them’?
The former the locos!
The later the victorious!

Do I have to look like I am mad?
Simply for your trance to get tarred,
I am who I am with no match,
My being here is as a result of my clean-march.

To freedom of expression,
Of dress away from digression,
What threat do I pose to you my friend?
That makes you oppress me with glaring hatred?

Hope you know about Ibtihaj Muhammad?
Ranked 8th by the international fencing federation
An ‘influential’ amongst the most 100 in the world
Go check “time” magazine’s publication!

I should take you aback a while,
Before I bring you in to comply
The names repping the brains in style
Of Muslim women with so much to imply.

Sarah Ahmed of Egypt is no sag
In the showdown of the weight town.
Kimia Alizedeh proved her worth,
Go check the Rio’s and you would know the rest.

But you stake up your stale cords,
You wring out like a winglet
With fury provoked by nothing,
Except your sentiments which feels so resentful!

We have brains like no other over here too
Hanie, Haddie, Zaynab Tyty too
Or is it the math Guru from the High School
Aasiyah AbdulKareem with her sleek suit!

Let them have their Hijab if they want to.
‘Cause you have your attire as you please to.
If God has given man the the freewill to,
Who then are you to confuse man with your attitude?

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)

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