By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda

I am highly jolted at the level of Intellectual barrenness of this writer and the mental obscurity  of some of the commentators.

It weakens my emotions as I read through this arid content aimed at discrediting the effort of sane individuals on  Palestine overtime. This is also a sick attempt to justify the evil position of Saudi Arabia and their allies on the current Jerusalem and Aqsa status.

I am going to sketch a synopsis to correct the deliberate distortion in this content so as to educate you and some of the uninformed readers here.
I have been honoured to attend International Conference on the Israeli Arab conflicts in which I sat almost side by side with Israeli Ambassador. I have written copious International articles on this and granted countless TV and radio discussions and interviews. So I wish you could drop your insalubrious arrogance to read through my impending analysis .
Instead of exonerating Israel and being mute about the supercilious actions of Trump on Jerusalem that houses the third holiest mosque of Islam, the first Qibla and the second mosque in the history of Islam.

I expect you to educate people about how leaders of Saudi Arabia have connived with Israel and America to continue to make the Muslims suffer because of the protection of their monarchy.

I expect you to educate people how the evil influence of US has annihilated the religious convictions of Saudi Kingdom that the issue of Jerusalem and how sacred it is to Muslims was not mentioned last friday sermon in both Haram and Madinah.

Even non Muslims know that the rights of Palestinians were jeopardized by Trump’s statement and that the moral sanctity of Jerusalem is in jeopardy by the declaration of Trump (The Amir of the Saudi Arabia kingdom and kings who tells them what to do).

The UN had an emergency meeting last week friday on the Trump’s Jerusalem issue. The ambassadors of UK, France, Germany and Canada issued joint release to dissociate from Trump’s acts and to condemn it.

There was a protest in Milan Italy two days ago, a non Muslim nation condemned Trump’s statement. Even Pope issued a statement reiterating that Trump’s statement did not respect the Muslims rights on Jerusalem.
Now addressing your distortions. 

The Arabs never suffered ‘serious’ defeat with the jews. What we had in 1967 was a continuous uplift of weapon from US to Israel as the the Arabs advanced greatly in the war to capture Golan height.

This war could have led to the end of oppression of Muslims from Israel In Palestine. The enemies of truth and peace stood very closely in diabolical solidarity with Israel. There was 24 hours of weapons supply from US to Israel to avert the victory of the Muslims. Yes, Israel captured Jerusalem, have you ever thought of why it was so. It was so because evil people are more united than good people.

Your writeup is so replete with horrendous manners to glorify Israeli military and and present the Arabs as cowards.

I thought it would be nice to get educated on why you think Israel is powerful. 

Was Israel powerful against Hezbollah of Lebanon in 2006? Israel deliberately stopped the war because Hezbollah had enough weapons from Iran to combat the Israeli arrogance. Israel have coward soldiers, asides the billions of dollars weapon investment from US, they are ‘powerful’ because nations like Saudi Arabia is in connivance with their evil.

In 2013 when Morsi was the president of Egypt, and the Al Qassam ( The military wing of Hamas) had access to the Rafal border, Israel thought it was the same old game, not knowing the Al Qassam from Palestine had equipped military. Israel launched an attack on Gaza and they were surprised to receive multiple attacks from Al Qassam. Israel for the first time in 40 years had to plead to world leaders to intervene for ceasefire. President Obama had to plead with President Morsi to lure Al Qassam to cease fire. Saudi Arabia, Israel and US understood the powerful influence of Morsi on Palestinian liberation. That is the reason Saudi Arabia funded his coup while America and Israel planned it.

So what is the pride in Israeli military, Iran supported a shia driven movement like Hezbollah in Lebanon against Israel. I ask what has been the military support of Saudi Arabia to Palestine?

Turkey has always been at the front of the Palestinian liberation. The last time Qatar tried helping the Military wing of Hamas against Israel, Saudi Arabia lured UAE, Bahrain and Egypt to boycott Qatar and they shamefully classify Hamas, that is protecting the human rights of Palestinians militarily against Israel, as a terrorist organization.

Is Israel still powerful to you? Israel is an oppressor, Allah himself and His prophets cursed the oppressor .

What the Muslims leaders have failed to do is to be united against te evil of Zionism. Today, Saudi Arabia is the strongest Arab ally of the Zionist state of Israel.

The crystal hypocrisy in this writeup is that, Saudi Arabia has been the highest buyer of American weapon for the last ten years. The recent was signed mid this year and it worth 100 Billion Dollars. These weapons however are not being used to support the liberation of Muslims. They are being used to kill fellow Muslims in Yemen, Syria and Libya.

And I read you mentioned that Muslims should reform their Aqeeda. Which Muslim dominated nation has better Aqeedah than the Palestinians? These are people who put their lives on the line to protect Masjid Aqsa, and its values. The first Qibla of the Muslims is Aqsa Palestine. The journey of Prophet to get the instructions of the solat we perform today had direct connection to the region. The third most rewarding mosque is Masjid Aqsa in Palestine.

I think Saudi Arabia should reform the Aqeeda of its government and people. Today, women can now go out without taking permission from there husbands in Saudi, musical concerts have returned to the land of Tawheed. Nelly was there few weeks ago to sing. Cinemas would resume full operation next year. The crown Prince has threatened to build bikini beach for Saudi women. Many interest (riba) driven banks are built in the land of Tawheed. The Saudi government is romancing openly with children and women killers in the world. Saudi crown prince, Muhammad bn Salman just last week bought the most expensive Jesus portrait worth 450,000 US dollars. And this is the same person saying he is taking Islam to the Manhaj of the Salaf. If the citizens of Saudi seek to resist these evil trend in the kingdom, people like you would post that peaceful protest is haram and the leader should not be questioned.

Why didn’t you propose that Saudi Arabia should focus on its Aqeedah and they should have left Iran to take over Yemen. Saudi Arabia went into Yemen to kill civilians claiming they are fighting Houthis. The UN says “this is the most horrendous attack on civilians in world history”.

The problem we have today is not because we do not discern that our help is from Allah, it is because some of the Muslims ( Muslim leaders) have chosen to be part of the evils of the West against Islam because of their worldly affairs.

The Muslims are suffering in Gaza and West Bank because Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia is benefitting from their suffering, they enjoy the American and Israel support so as to keep the filthy and unislamic monarchical system and to be strong against Iran.

Please my brothers and sisters, we all have a role to play. Free your minds and read wide without sentiments to discern the truth.

Yusuf Jimoh Aweda

Director,Center For Human Rectitude

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