By Lekan Raji, Lagos

IN the wake of challenges bedevilling Nigeria’s democracy, President Muhammadu Buhari has been charged to deliver a sustainable democracy that would sustain developments for Nigerians.

The Turkish ambassador to Nigeria, Hakan Çakıl urged the Buhari-led government to operate a democracy that will guarantee human capital ‘deliveries’ for the people.

Noting that development and good governance are key to democracy, he said the Turkish people could not have come out to defend their democracy if their leaders were not trustworthy.

The ambassador, represented by the Turkish embassy counselor for religious affairs, Mr. Ali Kasikirik however, urged Muslims to be politically and religiously conscious and play active role in the nation building.

This was the crux of discourse at the 2016 edition of Muharam Get-together of The Muslim Congress (TMC) held in Lagos on Sunday at the Onikan stadium.

This year’s Get-together is themed “The Muslim World and Challenges of Leadership.”

Meanwhile, the amir, TMC, Dr. Luqmon Abdur-Raheem said the essence of the lecture was to reflect, refocus government and allow for intellectual researches from the theme.

Using Turkey as an example, he noted that Nigeria has got a lot to learn from the socio-economic and religious trends emerging from Turkey.

He said this was imperative because Nigeria and Turkey started development agenda almost at the same time, adding that the latter now enjoys sustainable democracy in terms of manner of conducting elections and the kind of people voted into power.

“The fight people are fighting the government in Turkey is not about under-development, it is even about over-development. They felt the pace at which Edoghan was going was too fast but, in our own case it’s too slow.” he said.

He said if Nigerians were sensitive enough, they must take democracy, accountability and good governance as their properties.

“We must take prudence as our property by learning from Turkey. If we do that you will see that government will work in Nigeria. We can even demand accountability by demanding what is spent and what it’s being spent on,” he added.

In his own presentation, the Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdulateef AbdulHakeem, noted that the problem of Nigeria was not the constitution but the people implementing the constitution at the positions of power.

He added that Muslims need to understand that the responsibilities of power and the challenges of office holders.

He said,”Muslim must begin to practice their way of life without fear and favour and without endangering the peace and security of the country.

“You must engage in massive advocacy and enlightenment. Be assertive of your rights without violence. You need to be active in the media, economy and politics,” he admonished.

Also speaking, Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) noted that this moment was a turning point in the history of Nigeria.

“What we are saying is that we want political leaders in Nigeria as well as leaders anywhere in this country to appreciate the essence of leadership, that if we miss it, we have missed everything,” he said.

The Executive Secretary, Jaiz Bank, Dr. Abdullahi Shuaib, lamented that there is a disconnect between the the country’s human resources and the management of mineral and material resources.

He called on Nigerians to imbibe change in attitude towards how they manage the nation’s human and material resources.

“There should be a change in how we approach the public office. We shouldn’t see public office as the easiest means to amass the wealth of this nation,” he added.

On her part, former Amirah, Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women), Hajia Busurat Shafii, emphasised that women were the foundation of any leadership.

“For us to have good leadership, the women should rise to their duties and the primary assignment of every woman is for us to take care of our home, children and husband so as to make them as responsible individuals,” she said.

She noted that the women have roles to play in order to impact positively in the society, urging women to reach out to more people with good character and

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