When we are under trial, we often feel God has deliberately picked us to punish us while he left others to flourish in enjoyment.

But think about the other things God has specially given to you that others crave for.

Before, you complain that God has not been fair to you over a problem you think only you is facing. Appreciate Him for the many blessings He has given you above others.

No body can have everything, even those that are making you ungrateful to God because of your thought of what they have that you don’t have still crave for some things you also have that they don’t have too.

If you can see and read this, appreciate it the gift of sight and understanding. True happiness is being contented with what you have. If it appears little to you, it is bigger before others. Appreciate it.
Have a thrilling thursday!

Princess Bushrah Olagunju
Motivational Speaker/ Author

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