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UNIFEMGA Mourns Alhaji Rasheed Adesokan

Salam alaikum warahmatullah wabaarakatuhu.

On behalf of Muslim Graduates from the University of Ile Ife, we commiserate with the entire family of Alhaji (Omooba) Rasheed Adeniyi Adesokan, Baale of Bodija and Balogun Musulumi of Yoruba land on the demise of our beloved father. He lived a fruitful life of impact as a Da’yee, showing the light of Islam to many youths who have grown to be Islam’s leaders in today’s Southwest Nigeria particularly.

We thank Almighty Allah for giving him the opportunity to earn His pleasure. We pray that He wipes all his blemishes and accepts all the efforts. May his grave be widened and lighted. And may we all meet in Al Jannah Firdaus through Allah’s mercy and grace.

We pray for Allah to be with the family and ummah during this period. May his passing not be cause for fitnah to the ummah. May Allah replace him with one better than him to all his loved ones and the ummah. Aamin.


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