By Lekan Raji, Lagos

A new book purchase and delivery service, Streem, has launched in Lagos by a university undergraduate. ‎

‎Streem was established by Tejumade Adeyinka, ‎a 200-Level undergraduate of Economics, faculty of social sciences at the University of Lagos, UNILAG.

According to her, the idea was inspired ‎by the need to help parents solve the difficulties they face in searching for  school textbooks for their children and wards.‎

Adeyinka said she was determined to use the service to meet the needs of “busy” parents and professionals who will prefer to have textbooks and inspirational books delivered at their doorsteps. ‎

According to Tejumade, Streem is available mainly for the purchase and delivery of textbooks for children in primary and secondary schools. ‎

She said the service benefits “busy” professionals, the elderly, all sorts of people adding that bespoke orders are accepted Streem.

On how Streem service works, Adeyinka stated, ‘‘Customers are expected to send a message to with a list of books they would like to purchase.

“After, we’ll send an invoice based on the price list that we currently have. After approval, we agree on a delivery location as well as a mode of payment- which can be either cash on delivery, online transfer, full payment before delivery or half payment before delivery.’’

Speaking on how she got the inspiration for the establishment of Streem, she said the inspiration came while she was in secondary school adding that the like of Sunkanmi Aladenaye as business partner has helped the idea ‎materialise.

She recalled,”When I was in secondary school, I was usually given a list of books to be used at the beginning of a new session and my mom would pass through a lot to purchase these books from several book stores.

“But now, I’ve realised that every parent is on the move and one hardly has a stay-at-home mom or dad anymore. We recognise this and felt there’s a need to bring to parents a fast and convenient way to purchase books for their children and importantly, have these books delivered at their doorsteps,” Adeyinka said.

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