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Vox-pop: Hijab vs fully-sponsored undergraduate scholarship 

In July 2017, the management of Adeleke University announced a scholarship scheme for undergraduates. The condition for applying for the scholarship did not include religion.
Upon resumption by the beneficiaries, some of whom are Muslims, they were told that Hijab will not be allowed and that they will be attending the Chapel on campus. 


A. Ignore their Hijabs for the scholarship

Ignore the scholarship and then withdraw themselves from university

. Fight for their Fundamental Human Right of Regilion vis-a-vis Hijab usage

Stop using the Hijab but don’t attend chapels

Attend Chapel but keep using the Hijab
F. Any other suggestion/opinion: Please state.


  1. I’ll protest formally and remind mngt of changing the rules after the game.

    Leak it to media. Wage a social media was through influencers

    I’ll not attend the Chapel

    Sue the school if they don’t budge

    And then withdraw from the school and seek transfer/admission in Fountain or Crescent

  2. Fight for their fundamental Human Right of Religion vis a visit hijab use or by any legal means.Its becoming too much for this so call religion extremists.

  3. They should fight for their right via Human Rights organizations and if that doesn’t work, they should seek admission in a federal or state university and be on the look out for scholarships that rewards excellence and won’t be religious biased.

  4. In as much the program is free then I would rather advice the Hijab sisters and the Muslims to do away with their scholarship because it’s a plot to converting Muslims to Christianity. But if it happens to be the normal school in which students pay for any services rendered and not not free programs, such a students can seek legal redress, because it tantamount to cheating. May God Almighty bless us all and be mindful of their tricks. It is only God that guide one to the right paths but they believe people can be tricked to accepting their religion which is deceit.

  5. The simple truth is what is contained in the constitution of the country which made provision for freedom to expression of religious values without discrimination must be upheld regardless of who is involved and where. To this, they should proceed for the scholarship and should not jeopardise their religious values.


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