POEM: Behold, am I not blessed enough;
My gorgeousness you see?
My feet and face are soft and pure
From regular cleansing.

Pieces not written are at the
Beak of a writer’s pen.
Rant it to all humanity
That Islam is a den.

Our Lord forbids brutality;
Terrorism is one.
For hell shall be the edifice
Of sons of naked sun.

To our Lord, our Maker, we bow;
To Him that condemns sins.
We pray to Him and supplicate
In the purest of skins.

He bombs your house and bombs your car,
Then screams Allah Akhbar.
Although he knows your faith is strong,
With force he says it’s wrong.

And when you see a harmless man
Who goes in his turban,
As you he mutters salaam to;
You chant boko! Boko!

Hatred starts when man fails to know
Religion has its blow.
As it tends to do with human;
Some good, some inhuman.

Collectively, we all should know
Islaam is deen for peace.
Collectively, we all should show
Terrorism must cease.


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