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What is life?

By Azeezah Olatunde

The whistling bird told me life is sweet,

But the flesh is fatigued to drip

Salty ocean that sprout 

The bud of sweetness.

The whispering wavy wind said life is full of honey,

But the bee must sting 

The tongue that taste the

Richness of honey.

The traveller’s howling voice said life is a journey,

With hurdles of road blocks that

Causes traffic for souls.

It adjourn their success with trials.

The hustlers claps his lips to say life is full of struggles,

That entertains dances of failures with the 

Melody of pessimism. I packed the ribs of the Lion

Along with the claws of the Tiger to build ME.

It’s a battle against life for

I shall get what i want.

A hunter said if I dare life, I will get burnt

By the scorching sun that will make my 

Skin fall in torrent of torment. 

I bow my head in humility for life is INEVITABLE.

The wise iroko said life can stop my nostrils from 

Sucking oxygen from the green leaves that makes

My heart beat spontaneously. 

Life will make my talking drum mute.

My conjectures says life is a delusional world,

Not all my pupil see seems to be real.

As each souls wears a make up of happiness

When their heart is shrinking of sorrows that life feeds them.

I wonder and ponder about life.

The more I think about it 

The more I am lost in lines,

Perchance life had made me a wanderer. 

What is life?

That puts man on fence to pick between

The furnace and the hell. 

Aborting the pregnant dreams of the dreamer.

What is life? 

That let you taste joyful tears and sorrowful smiles. 

What is life? 

That gives you hope and make you hopelessly hopeful.


My pen says life is Inexplicable

 ©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)



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