Mrs Imabong Sanusi, a Psychologist, has advised couples to always site themselves as next of kin so as to avoid unnecessary controversies.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja, Sanusi said that other parties like the children can only be used as next of kin in event of the death of one of the spouses.

‘’The issue of next of kin has to do with the relationship between a couple.

“If the couple is legally married according to the ordinance marriage, the next of kin to the wife is the husband, and vice versa,’’ she said.

She described other parties within such marriage arrangements as intruders.

“In this type of arrangement, any other person or persons are referred to as intruders.

“It is in the death of a spouse that children come in to become next of kin.

“If there is a default, the wife or husband can seek legal action,’’ she said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the issue of next of kin has become controversial in Nigeria over the years.

While most women prefer to use their children for that purpose, they usually expect their husbands to always use them as next of kin.

Mrs Toyin Obasa, an Abuja based civil servant, said that it was safest for women to use their children as their next of kin.

“You know, men cannot be trusted to remain single in the event of the demise of their wives; it is thus safer, in the interest of the children, to use one of the children as next of kin.

“That way, even if the man decides to remarry, the children will still have access to their mother’s possessions,’’ she said.

Mr Leke Ajao, another Abuja resident, advised women to learn to trust their husbands with sensitive matters.

“The reason women feel uncomfortable to use their husbands as next of kin is because they do not trust their partners.

“Women should learn to trust their husbands at all times.

“Marriage is give and take. How can they expect their husbands to make them next of kin while they reserve the freedom to make their own choice of next of kin?

“It becomes a woman’s world in that case,’’ he said.

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