By Abu MazeedatilKhayr

Now that we have lost Jerusalem, it shall be written against us that we voluntarily sold off the third holiest sanctuary to the Jew. But if we claim otherwise, the coming generation may remind us that even a week after the sad incident, we failed to raise a single finger in defence of Quds. 

It is, of course, understandable. If I choose to sell my honour to the enemy, I should also pretend as though nothing spectacular has happened. The Palestinian Arabs have no say on this matter. Those who sold the land are the game players. If you were not following the crisis before now, you may not bother to comment on this claim.

The plot had been conceived long before the rabbis dog of the white house chose to bite the Ummah. We saw it coming and we alarmed the world. We cried and wept on this platform, but we earned the devil’s pebbles in return. I have said it repeatedly that whatever happens to us in the middle east is ultimately aimed at protecting Israel and desecrating Quds.

From the Gulf war, till the way and manner that Sadaam Hussein was hanged on E’id day; and even the Arab Spring and the subsequent events, including the current bloodbath in Syria; the infamous dethronement of Morsi; and of course, the on-going reform in Saudi Arabia, the horrendous ordour of Israel is smelt as the sacred sanctuary in Jerusalem trembled. 

If the America befriends a Middle East player, it is only in defence of the Zionist state. If she makes or fights an enemy in the region, it is a way of protecting the Jewish state. Whichever side it turns, the ultimate goal is how to plot the desecration of the sacred land. Thus, the US is not fighting Iran because of its shiism; and neither does it abhor her “terrorist” posture. It’s simply because of Israel. 

The kind of diplomatic romance enjoyed by Egypt today from the US was not there in the  days of Jamal Abdal Naasir and Anwar Sadat because, in those days, it was always  war upon war against Israel – the 1953, 1967 and 1973 wars in particular. History would not therefore erode the memory of that exceptional gallantry exhibited by both Abdal Naasir and Hafis Al-Asad against the Zionist state.  

Abdal Naasir was although not kind to the da’wah, he was indeed the courageous  Saladin of that era. Hafis Al-Asad, the father of Bashar, was another one from Syria. Both had preferred the ideological left to the capitalist West. But while the son of Hafis has remained defiant, ever since after his father, in his hostility against Israel, Hosni Mubarak had freely traded Egypt’s honour on account of his country’s poverty. 

The American government offers both economic and military assistance to Egypt annually in billions of dollar, with a condition that peace be maintained in the neighbourhood of Israel. Who doesn’t know this? It’s a common fact that is often reported, repeated and repeatedly confirmed by both the US and Egypt’s policy makers. However, some stubborn Arab leaders have suffered for their to coperate.

Indeed, Egypt complies with this condition and has even done, over the years, more than what was demanded of her, by blocking the Gaza path and the tunnel link that could have served both as an escape route for Palestinians as well a safe avenue for smuggling arms and food into the land. 

The Egyptian embassy in Israel is one of the best. The two countries are the best of friends. They do not only share intelligence reports, they also engage in security exchange. I wondered how the Muslim Brotherhood had taught of ever surviving a take-over under such a military. I warned at that time, but it was a lonely voice. 

What Trump had done last week by arrogantly proclaming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the greatest achievement of any American President in the recent time. It had always been a difficult thing for anybody to do. Even the Israeli leaders, including the notorious Arel Sharon, wouldn’t have ever contemplated it, because of the consequences of probable reactions from the Arab Muslims. 

Thus, in a situation like this, Trump wouldn’t have acted this way without reaching a clear cut understanding with some Arab leaders, who had probably consented to the evil act in anticipation of something crucial. You remember how the Pakistani Musharraf had traded off his Afghani brothers and allowed America to use his territory to attack the impoverished Muslim nation. This, he did and got a huge economic aide in return! 

On the liberation of Quds, Muslims have always sought inspiration from Salaudeen Al-Ayuubi’s brave encounter with the crusaders. If the painful memory of the carnage and unprecedented genocide orchestrated by the crusaders make our dry wound bleed again, the ecstatic tales of Salaudeen’s valour, courage and gallantry inspires us to, at least, clamour for the honour of Al-Aqsa!
But now, where is that clamour? 

Donald Trump had begun this mischief by visiting the Gulf brothers and leaving them divided, after the conspiratorial sword dance. He had probably looked for the most naive boy in the region to do the bad job for him. He then entrusted him with the nefarious plot of not only watering down the neo-conservative trend, but also criminalizing those who could speak up against the ultimate descretion of the holy land.

By the time we started receiving the information about the crown Prince’s secret visit to Israel, I knew the worst was coming. Suddenly, a particular Imam of Haram Makki proclaimed the United States the beacon of hope and good leadership in the world. We then heard someone say or being pressured to declare HAMAS a terrorist group. True or false, all these were in preparation for the festival of the biggest masquerade! 

Just less than two months into the whole tragicomedy however, the biggest masquerade eventually appeared in town and relocated his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. At first, they were all shocked, not the boys who sold the land. But as the bewilderment gave way to reality, some tactically empty statements started emerging. All the reactions so far from the Muslim leaders – politicians and scholars – are somehow ridiculous!  

But a more ridiculous consolation from us is when we say – “We lost Al-Aqsa because we lack Tawheed and adherence to the Sunnah”. Sincerely speaking, this fact is indisputable, but the truth sometimes renders us indifferent to the calamity that befell us. It’s a good way of blackmailing ourselves into passivity. 

I am not calling for a fight though, I am only thinking p of something that may jolt other Western nations into rethinking the step and then alarm them to the danger involved in Trump’s decision. Otherwise, other countries, including Muslim nations, may follow up with Trump. 
I therefore wonder what will happen if the son of Salman, in the course of his reform, desecrates the two other holiest sanctuaries; or perhaps, if a similar enemy to the character of Trump, chooses to cause a calamity of equal magnitude in the Haramain of Makkah and Madina. I trust us, we are people of evidence and hujjah, we may cite the chapter of the Elephant to illustrate how AbdulMutallib had vacated the sacred house for its owner to protect it. This, we may likely use to justify our weakness and apathy!

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