Though, the Nigeria Police Force was yet to give reasons for detaining Ifesinachi Amatullahi Anih, who recently accepted Islam, iWitness NG gathered it was because she is a minor.

Recall that Amatullahi was allegedly detained by the police in Nigeria after accepting Islam.

After her arrest, members of the Enugu Muslim Community wrote a petition to express their discomfort over Amatullahi arrest.

Nigeria police detains female for accepting Islam

However, few days after a report by The iWitness NG, an eyewitness, Aliyu J Abubakar, gave a narration of the circumstances surrounding Amatullahi’s arrest.

He wrote that, “I was in FCT police command that day and i witnessed it. The police said she was not on detention but she was for safe keeping. The police said if they release her to any of the religion they may be accuse of taking side or bias.

“I was told later on that she was release to one ASP – Assistant Superintendent of Police- serving in the command. Why she was even hold in police custody was because the mother denied the father as a husband.

“Police is trying to be careful because if they release the girl to any of the parents one of them can sue them.

“On the side of the girl, according to Nigeria constitution she is a minor for now and she is dependent and directly under her parents control until she is 18 years . The girl’s father has agreed that she can practice Islam but the mother denied him as her husband and the father of the girl . Police were confused.”

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