By: AbdulHafeez T. Oyewole

Women of Faithful,
Callers to the deen,
Respecters of holy men,
Abiders of Allah’s commandments.

Women of Faithful,
Always in covered heads,
Socked legs, cloaked hairs.
Their faces shimmer
in the calmness of their garments.

Capes are their passports
among their mahaaram.
While Niqobs boast their morale,
Alas against obvious aura portrayals!
When they mingle with their world.

Sweet words beam from their mouths,
Over good behaviours and good deeds.
Frown embraces their worlds,
Over inhuman actions and wrong deeds.

There is coolness on their hearts;
Calmness on their minds.
Alertness on their bodies;
Attentiveness on their ears.
The obedience of their selves..
makes their worths capital models’
for the women’s world,
They are a gainful product; a contract,
And between two opposite bodies,
a contact –
Bonded by mutually religious love;
A refined comeliness in faithful resolve.

(c) Abdulhafeez T. Oyewole.

AbdulHafeez T. Oyewole is the author of a poetry collection: “Tides of Verses”, co-editor of “Words at Ease” and former Editor-in-Chief of Pen Club of Ahmadu Bello University.

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