She was covered
With a thin scarve,
With her wrists bare

But she was covered.
Her head concealed,
In the fluffy wrap of the silk
Her hair underneath,
Away from ravenous eyes.

She was covered
Ears nestled,
In the comfort of the veil
Head bowed,
From the shame of the world

But she was covered
As you judge her cover
Yelling it’s too small
Too short for a cover

She was covered
After tons of wars
With her father and brothers
Who repulse the hijab

But she was covered
Despite her boss’ glares
Threatening to sack her
If the hijab grew an inch lengthier

She was covered
Though sad and gloomy
For she wanted better
Than just the thin wrapper

And you ain’t covered
Despite your lengthy clothing
For you judged a striving soul
Who is giving up almost all
For the sake of Allah.

Nana bee
August, 2016.

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