The Chief Imam of the Katsina state owned Al-Qalam University, Sheikh Abubakar Maikano, has called on civil servants in Katsina to reject the usury loans secured for them by the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC). 

Maikano, made the call while delivering a Friday sermon. 

He said that the call was necessary because the loan would be given with interests, which is ‘usury’ that Islam has forbidden. 

He quoted verses of the Quran where the Almighty Allah forbids Muslim faithful from taking anything that has to do with usury.

Maikano,quoted prophet Muhammad,: ‘’Allah cursed giver, collector, witness and writer of usury’’. 

He urged government ministries, departments, and agencies not to stand as guarantors to any civil servant. 

The cleric urged the NLC leadership to rescind their decision and find other ways of giving loans that are interests free. 

‘’We know that people are in need of help, but you cannot use what is forbidden to assist a person.

‘’Allah will not bless money that is mixed with usury,’’ he said. Maikano, however, urged the state government to look into possibilities of giving civil servants interest free loan. 

‘’This was done in the past by the previous governments. 

‘’We also want this government to do the same thing for its civil servants in the state,” he said.

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