I am a man

I am a man,
I work, war with a raging mind,
Searching for muscles to help all stand,
But what do I find?
Bruises and stitches on a hardy hand,
I become hope’s hope.
I am earth’s sustaining rope.

I am a man,
A tough version of every her,
Feeble hands, legs, eyes, might,
Yet the world I till to up my height,
I am surprised too,
and gravely amazed anew,
at how these weaknesses pass me a Pillar,
Fostered myself as tyro’s killer,
How many hers lean on me?
How many bricks built on me?
I am earth’s beautifier!

I am a man…
myself I find the backbone of woman,
But she couldn’t woo man,
She thought herself an emblem of women,
And never in style a version of we men,
She angers me! The Left Feminist,
When I am her right right activist,
Let her live alone and make a nation!
Let her moan n groan at her own potion!
I will leave my prints on her transparent life,
Show her the me in her every strife,
Bestow her weak self with MENopause,
Show her a bit of the Ruby sensual pause.
Blackness has become of her Santa Claus,
Did you not round her over applause?
When she swam in the tide of MENstruation,
Yet un-soothing without MEN’s-true-potion,
There is no MEN’strueNATION
In a woman againts MEN’snature.

I am a man,
Man is lead seed,
Seeded to bleed on earth, un-freed,
Suspended under sun like the corn I seed,
In love with my goal, un-needing needs,
I’m in love with hope and fear,
Then I want to kiss my bride over the years,
But she’s on honeymoon with my job,
Dawn to dusk, in her hub,
She has committed adultery with her nature.
Uprooted her past, burnt the future
Then want to leave the tree’s fruit.
I am the tap in the root,
I am the the root on the tap,
I am the shoot on the root,
I see protrusions on the shoot,
Am not I the branches therewith?
Suspending here or there on the tree’s kith,
Tell me of the green that I am not.
I am the air of leaves on plots.
And they are our, the flowers.
On our tree tip, beauty showers.

I am a man,
Man is mean, man is ban,
Man is one man half woman,
Good put; one and a half woman,
Man is three voices on a spot,
Two forces and one whisper,
His half woman emblems the latter,
Man is mean, man is calm
Man is one and a half balm.
Good put; one and a half home.
Man is come, here’s your hope.
Undetached from you before.
Without man Who-man is ‘who’?
Answer the question…
and be a man.

© Ajenifuja Abdulalim A.
– Meritborne

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