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Maybe we live

Maybe we live
as faithfuls
to unfold life,
and perhaps walk on ethers…
to thrill others.

Maybe we live
as the sinful;
To fear ourselves to sink
while sailing on life’s placid lake…
for others to attempt not to sail.

Maybe we are the sun
that rains its brightest rays
for the moon to observe,
And follow suit at night…
as guide to mankind.

Maybe we live
to remain invisible,
or rather become jigsaw;
and carve niche for ourselves…
in the recess of irrelevancy.

Maybe we are to tell our stories to death,
And if found compelling enough,
Perhaps we would be exempted
from an immortal life.

Maybe we are to live
to have our obituary painted in the sky,
or to be invited to our funeral;
Yet we are a walking image.

Maybe we are the knight
at war without shield,
without arms nor horse
but riding on bravery!
or wearing courage as shield,
Then kill millions with a strand of hair.

Maybe we are to die beforehand,
Living life unseen, unheard;
Un-dear to people but near,
And become entangled in life’s epilogue.

Maybe we are to live,
Long enough to become the… undertaker of ourselves,
And make our funeral,
A dream event for the unborn.

Maybe we die to inspire,
So our influence would rise
and become aspiration
for those that would live immortal lives.

Maybe we are to die
and be buried in the heart of the living,
To rise again in replicates,
and continue our influence
Through the hands of others.

Maybe we are born to die..
to inspire!
Or born to live…
to expire!
Maybe we live,
Maybe we exist.

© Yusuf S. Lekan.

Briefly about the author:

Yusuf Lekan is a budding writer. One of his poems – “It could be you” – is highly thought-provoking and has been published on several anthologies and other works on online poetry platforms such as Words Rhyme and Rhytm. He’s the present Editor of Pathfinder Literary Crew. He currently studies Physics at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)



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